InfusiCalc is a drug calculator for use by all health care professionals

  • intuitive and simple interface

  • over 100 drugs pre-installed - easy to add your own

  • calculate flow rates from weight based to ml per hour

  • build "sets" of drugs that allow you to see several infusions at once



The infusion mode allows calculation of flow rates of infusions in mls/hour based on other basic units such as mcg/kg/min. Standard concentrations of solutions can be stored and normal ranges of flow rates, to facilitate preparation of solutions and choice of rates.You can perform conversion of different concentrations of solutions from one type to another. For example, a rate of mcg/kg/min can be converted to mg/hr, to estimate your drug requirements.



Like the infusion mode, the bolus mode allows calculation of volumes of drugs to be given, based on previously stored standard doses or ranges of doses. It also includes dilutions, routes and frequency of administration.

Both modes allow storage of free form editable notes on the drug for any other information you want to have at your fingertips.

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Combine several drugs onto a single screen, so you can adjust dose rates and see outputs for several drugs at once.

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InfusiCalc was released on the Palm platform in 2000, and went subsequent upgrades to version 3.1 in 2006. It was popular throughout the world as a cheap, reliable, well designed alternative to expensive drug infusion pumps, or when they were not available. It has been used by intensive care specialists, paramedics, anesthesiologists, emergency physicians, nursing staff and others.

InfusiCalc was written, both Palm and iPhone versions, by Dr Chris Jones MB BS FANZCA (anaesthetist/anesthesiologist) from Sydney Australia.